Burgundy Red Chitry “Vau du Puits” 2018


The Côte de Vau du Puits was covered with vines until the 1940s and 1950s. The rural exodus, the beginnings of mechanisation and its excessively fragmented parcelling contributed to the abandonment of this exceptional terroir because it is very steep, far from the village, and not very generous in yield. I have always seen this wasteland, facing south, bathed in sunshine, rich in fossils characteristic of our Kimmeridgian marls. In the 90s, we began to re-member this hillside. Typicity is not an empty word when it comes to the pinot noirs of northern Burgundy. Vau du Puits is a Chitry, with the tension and mineral freshness one expects from it. Its primary quality is its balance.

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