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Olivier Morin

A family story,

and a question of balance.

The reasonable size of our vineyard, which is said to be on a human scale, allows us to master all the stages of our profession: working the vines, making and maturing our wines, marketing and welcoming our customers, who are always welcome at the winery.

These are some of the basic principles that guide us in our work as winemakers and balance our wines and our lives.

Olivier Morin took over the family business in 1992, after a first life spent in the musical world. At the age of thirty, he returned to the land to perpetuate the work of his ancestors, winegrowers in Chitry since the 17th century. With his wife Nelly, a winegrower’s granddaughter, he gives a line to the wines of the Domaine, with the so particular Terroir of this northern Burgundy, renowned for the purity and minerality of its wines, as a backdrop.

Ideally rooted at an altitude of 200 metres in a soil composed of Kimmeridgian marl, typical of this clay-limestone terroir, the vines benefit from multiple exposures: south, south-east, south-west and north. Those that thrive furthest north, on the top of the hillsides, historically known as the Olympe vines, benefit from plenty of sunshine. This allows the grapes to ripen slowly and healthily and brings the balance so characteristic of the eponymous cuvée.

In the vatting house, plot-by-pot work is the norm, with little intervention in the vinification process. Gentle juice transfer by gravity. Alcoholic fermentation without sulphites or yeast. Bottling without filtration. Customised ageing in barrels of different ages, capacities and origins adapted to the typicity of each cuvée. Olivier Morin’s wines are well-balanced, full of minerality and freshness.

Wishing to go beyond the reasoned fight already applied to the management of his vines, Olivier Morin is now committed to an organic certification process.

A passionate and demanding winemaker, Olivier Morin dedicates his knowledge and time to the care of the vines and the vinification of the grapes in the cellar. With the same passion, Nelly welcomes informed amateurs and the curious in search of authentic wines and confidential appellations.